ROAV Eyewear

ROAV Eyewear - Boxer

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The ROAV Boxer features a thin acetate rim that gives this stainless steel Navigator frame a refined, mature and contemporary aesthetic.

ROAV is one of our very own, LA based brands on a global mission to deliver incredible eyewear that empowers people to explore more, worry less, and live in the moment.  They’re on a mission to move beyond the bulky and breakable frames of yesterday to something that is as innovative and comfortable to wear as it is incredibly durable and easy to carry.  At first, we weren’t sure these frames were worth the hype... we’re here to tell you now, however, after wearing them for months, these are the real deal and ROAV’s not messing around.  Our only problem now is, what to do with all our old glasses?!


  • Carrying Pocket Pouch Included
  • Screwless Hinges, Reducing Potential Points of Breakage 
  • RX Friendly
  • Feather Light
  • Foldable, To Pocket Shirt Pocket Size
  • Polarized & UV Free
  • Insanely Durable 
  • Comes With Polishing Cloth.  Along With Glass Cleaner, Use Cloth To Hand Clean