Either in conjunction with our brand pop-ups or separate from, we offer a robust platform for immersive apparel brand launch events, art openings, informative panel discussions and musical performances. With the original Al’s Bar stage still in the same spot it was 30 years ago, anyone showcasing their talents has the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of legends like Kurt Cobain, Anthony Kiedis and Axl Rose.  Rogue Collective has built-in relationships with local restaurants, wineries, breweries and DJ’s but we’re always happy to forge new friendships depending upon your needs.



  • 18 Foot Wide Floor to Ceiling Glass Doors.
  • Branded Signage Options.


  • Painted cement floors, 11 foot ceilings, red brick walls and ample shelving/hanging space throughout.
  • Fully Customizable Gallery Level Lighting.
  • Branded Signage Options.


  • Included POS Platform, If Needed
  • High Speed WiFi.
  • Paid Parking Adjacent.
  • Immediate Exposure & Inclusion in/on All Rogue Collective Marketing Platforms.

Physical Space

3 Connected Rectangular Rooms.
  • Room #1 (1,250 sq ft)
    • Premier Storefront with Windowed Frontage.
    • Room #2 (1,000 SqFt)
      • Stage Room with Original Al’s Bar Platform Stage.
      • Room #3 (750 SqFt)
        • Discovered Space. Ideal for Branded Footprint or Event Greenroom.

          *separate entrance available via 2nd front facing door and back parking lot door.