Outland Denim

Outland Denim began its jean-making journey when founder James Bartle had a fortuitous encounter with an anti-trafficking group, and then travelled to Asia and saw first hand how human traffickers prey on vulnerable young girls in order to service the sex industry. 

After learning that once a girl has been rescued and rehabilitated, sustainable career path is vital for securing her future, James created the "Denim Project", which would enable those girls who demonstrated an interest in sewing to put their new skills to use.

James’s intentions were noble but he knew that in order for Outland to be sustainable, they had to create a product that would survive in today’s saturated denim market.  In our opinion, he did just that and so much more.  Outland Denim sources the finest, environmentally sound raw materials from around the world while offering training and employment opportunities to women rescued from human trafficking, sexual exploitation, and other human rights abuses.

In partnership with Outland Denim and A21 Walk For Freedom, we transformed the Rogue space for a politically charged panel discussion focused on the ethical sustainability of the garment industry.  As a result, we’ve become Outland’s flagship North America location and will proudly be featuring Outland’s products in the months & years to come.